Selling your home or property is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Today’s sellers are looking for options to fit their budget without compromising the need for a values-driven local professional to support them every step of the way.

Dolan O’Rourke Real Estate Services offers several listing packages that our agents will tailor to your specific needs.

Explore the Listing Tiers below to find the perfect fit for your budget and expectations, or call us today to start the process!

Digital Tier
1% Listings*

Designed for

  • Sellers looking to minimize listing expenses while maximizing profits
  • Sellers exploring other low-fee brokerage services
  • Sellers considering a For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) listing or using an Entry-Only service 

Silver Tier
2% Listings*

Designed for

  • Sellers looking for a more traditional real estate experience
  • Sellers exploring larger national franchise brokerage services
  • Sellers interested in playing a more active role in managing their listing

Gold Tier
3% Listings*

Designed for

  • Sellers looking for a listing product that is a cut above the rest
  • Sellers are interested in a more personalized approach to tailoring their experience
  • Sellers who want an agent who will take the lead in managing their listing

Platinum Tier
4% Listings*

Designed for

  • Sellers looking for a highly customized and tailored approach to listing their property
  • Sellers interested in hiring a professional who will pull out all the stops for them
  • Sellers who want their agent to handle the entire process on their behalf

*Listing fee percentages advertised are for listing services only and do not include any offer of compensation to cooperating broker. Cooperating broker compensation offered by the seller would be in addition to advertised percentages or minimum listing fees.