Buyer: Ethan F.

July 20, 2022

After Dolan O’Rourke was so invaluable helping us relocate a relative from out-of-state, there was no question we’d work with them again if we could ever buy a home. We began our own home search this year and from the beginning John and his team were immensely helpful. As total novices, John promptly and knowledgeably answered all our questions at every stage of the process. He identified several amazing homes and walked us through the process of preparing offers that were both attractive to sellers and within our means. In only a few short months we found our dream home and our offer was accepted! John’s great relationships with other professionals in the area allowed us to efficiently work with an incredible team to finalize the closing on an expeditated timeline. Even after we received the keys, John graciously made himself available to answer additional questions and provide other guidance as we got settled in and finalized details and records with the City. As first time homebuyers in this housing market, we could have been easily overwhelmed, overextended our finances, and still be looking for a home. With John’s assistance, none of these things occurred. What we thought would be the daunting prospect of homeownership was a virtually seamless process and we’re thrilled with the final result. We recommend Dolan O’Rourke to anyone we know looking to buy or sell a home.

Yelp Review 2022